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October 18, 2009


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I found these old buildings next to Glendale Shoals in Spartanburg, SC after a recent photo shoot.






October 15, 2009

Invisible dogs swarm Brooklyn!

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If one person does it, it’s weird.  If 1,000 people do it, it’s cool.

October 13, 2009

From the archives

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I’m attempting to complete the tedious task of importing and cataloging all my work into Lightroom.  While this is quite arduous, it is giving me an opportunity to revisit a lot of old photos and find some hidden gems.  Here’s a few of them.



Alternate Routes

The toolbox in the singer’s hand is actually a musical instrument.  It’s filled with things that go “clank” along with a microphone.


October 3, 2009

An introduction into the world of maternity photos

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Photos were taken at Glendale Shoals, in Spartanburg, SC of my good friends Tim & Hailey with their daughter, Hayden.  This is my first attempt with maternity shots and should be some good practice, since I have another shoot coming up in two weeks.






This was fun and I enjoyed taking these in an outdoor area with some architecture around.  I really enjoy the contrast of the new, growing life with this decaying, old bridge.  It was a challenge to integrate the gorgeous backgrounds without taking away from the highlight of the photos; motherhood.  Maternity pictures are all about the mother, much like a wedding is to a bride.  Combining outside elements like rocks, trees, bridges and sky instead of using a studio and simple backdrops was tough, but easier than I expected.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but this was also my first time at this location.


See all the photos here:  Click on the thumbnails near the bottom of this set.

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